Swimming Pool



Where A Little


Goes a Long Way

Magic Marcite offers professional pool remodeling and pool renovation services in Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Our remodeling services leave your backyard looking stunning against the Florida background. We work with both, residential and commercial properties. Our job is to create an image of your dreams, whether that’s adding rockwork, water features, or pool resurfacing. We provide options to meet your pool needs and turn your backyard into an oasis.


Quality Work

We are a full-service pool remodeling company that has specialized in commercial and residential pool renovation, resurfacing, and remodeling since 1990. With a myriad of great renovation options, we not only leave you with stunning results but at an affordable cost. Not only do you get a team of highly trained, fully-insured professionals, but you get the warranty that comes with the work. We provide a free estimate.


Our Services Include:

  • Concrete Work

  • Coping Replacement

  • Custom Water Features

  • Rock, Masonry, and Veneer Work

  • Equipment Replacement in Automation

  • Plastering Expertise 

  • Pool Tile Replacement 

  • Deck Remodeling

  • Pool Pavers 

  • New Construction Tiling

  • Pool Mosaics

  • Pool Plumbing

  • Pool Upgrades

  • Custom Features

  • New Construction Plastering



Commercial Pools include Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Public pools, Motels and more.


Magic Marcite has performed thousands of remodels of commercial pools. This is not only due to our excellent reputation, but also because not many companies have the manpower or expertise to handle these large-scale projects.

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Whether you’re looking to simply resurface or upgrade with a complete pool makeover, Magic Marcite has you covered.


No matter what pool renovation project you’re proposing, Magic Marcite has more options to offer than any other pool remodeling company in the area.


Our expert knowledge is unmatched!